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New Track “Phil Matthew - Balance” (Extended and Funky Ufo Mix” written and produced by Matthias Philipp - Song is Original Orphilus Recordings / Kontor New Media Release


New Remix: Example - Changed The Way You Kissed Me (Phil Matthew Remix)

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sorry that my date @ BIC-Summerparty - Haus Im Grünen Frankfurt for the 8/22/13 is canceled.



orp_philmatthew_mtv02Phil Matthew at Music Television MTV in cause of his released Songs and over seven years working in the closed Club Dorian Gray Frankfurt from 1991-1998 while he was working together as warm up Dj from Techno Pioneers like Torsten Fenslau (Culture Beat, HR3 Clubnight) Mark Spoon (Jam & Spoon) Dj Dag (Omen, D2T, Nature One) Dj Talla 2XLC or guest Dj´s like Paul van Dyk (Vandit), Sven Väth,(Cocoon) Dr. Motte, Robert Miles (Charthit Children) and many more. At “Myspace.com” Phil Matthew aka Matthias Philipp was getting over 8 Awards and working since twenty years for the music and erotic industry by his Label Orphilus Recordings with Disco Mobile and his Songproductions with Partners like Kontor New Media. He was also working for the Cocoon project behind as it started in 1996.




New Remixes: Duke Dumont feat. Ame - Need You 100% (Phil Matthew Club Remix) / Plaque Deluxe - Play It Again 2013 (Out Of The Ordinary Mix, mixed by Phil Matthew)


New composed Song: “Phil Matthew - Black Sun” (Orphilus/Kontor New Media)




New written Song “Phil Matthew Feat. Ushee - You Made Me Feel”





My actually compositional projects are OUT NOW with the “In A Dance” MP3-EP and the Songs “ In A Dance” and “Cocobells”. So you can buy it at Musicload, Media Markt, Amazon, Juno (UK), Dj-Shop, Tradebit, Google Play, Track It Down, and many more...

If you like to listen to my Mixes, so look for the “Orphilus Nightlounge Mixes” at Mixcloud.com (UK) or my Music and Erotic Label Orphilus Recordings... at other projects i remixed a Track from “Out Of The Ordinary” with the Guys from Plaque Deluxe and called “Play It Again 2013” for taking a tribute in early jobworking by soundsampling and an Akai CD 3000XL Sampling Machine as my first professional Soundsampler and my working partners in history in musical Business like Torsten Fenslau (Culture Beat) at the Discothek Dorian Gray Frankfurt Airport (1978-2001) and the Abfahrt-Label Family Group of Old School european Dancefloor producing.




Phil Matthew alias Matthias Philipp was getting 8x Myspace.com Awards from California like a Master of Mixing, Music Production (Producer) and many more. Websites: www.Myspace.com/PhilMatthew and www.Myspace.com/MatthiasPhilipp

if you like to contact me, please send your mail with complete contact info to: info@philmatthew.com

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The new Album “Orphilus Recordings - Popo Pop” is out now ! (Release: July 2008)

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